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Mar 23 2020

New in Vitally: Notifications, smarter CSM auto-assignment, Hubspot activity sync, & support for pushing more fields to CRMs

Receive in-app + email notifications for customer activity, auto-assign CSMs & AEs using algorithms, bidirectional notes & tasks sync with Hubspot, & more in our newest release!

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Team dashboard
Feb 12 2020

New in Vitally: A (beta) Hubspot integration, a dashboard to analyze your team's performance, and filter improvements to build more powerful Playbooks & reports

Our bidirectional Hubspot integration is now in public beta! We've also launched a new Team dashboard to better understand the health of each CSM's customer portfolio alongside major filter improvements.

Salesforce + Vitally
Jan 21 2020

New in Vitally: A bidirectional Salesforce integration, filter users by product events, and more 🎉

Sync your Salesforce accounts, contacts, notes, & tasks to Vitally with our bidirectional Salesforce integration, and enrich your Salesforce accounts with Vitally's health scores, indicators, & more!

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Nov 18 2019

New in Vitally: Auto-flag deactivated users 🚩, improvements to note taking 📝, and more!

Wish you could easily keep track of your users that have an actual license to your product vs those that have been deactivated? In this release, we solve that problem, improve our note taking & categorization features, and more!

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Sep 26 2019

New in Vitally: Health scores that strike the perfect balance between simplicity and power 😍

Health scores are now live 🎉 Measure the performance of your accounts across multiple areas and track overall account health as a weighted average of all your health scores.

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Sep 09 2019

New in Vitally: Rules are now Playbooks and support scheduling actions + tracking progress 💪

Our powerful automation features just got WAY more powerful 😍 Rules have been rebranded as Playbooks, with new support for a schedule of actions alongside increased transparency in the impact of applied Playbooks.

Jul 01 2019

New in Vitally: Edit cells in account & user tables, display traits as vibrant tags, and assign AEs to accounts

Ditch your spreadsheets with our newest features that help you better edit your accounts and users while displaying specific traits with vibrant colors and tags.

Jun 20 2019

New in Vitally: User rules & actions, keyboard shortcuts, and more power features

With our new user automation, you can now automate engagement with a specific user (rather than the account) while using new keyboard shortcuts to quickly navigate Vitally.

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May 08 2019

New in Vitally: Create automated or manual tasks for your team + customers

Tasks help ensure your team follows a defined Customer Success process and engages the right customers at the right times.

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Apr 03 2019

New in Vitally: Auto-schedule editable, personalized conversations with the right accounts

Striking the perfect balance of manual vs. automated customer engagement can be difficult. With our new Conversations features, create rules to auto-schedule conversations at the right times & make manual edits when further personalization is needed.

il Product analytics@2x
Mar 05 2019

Announcing our new partnership with Segment

We are excited to announce that Vitally is one of the first custom-built integrations in Segment’s new Developer Center!

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Feb 19 2019

New in Vitally: NPS surveys and analytics built for Customer Success

Gathering feedback from your customers is a critical component of Customer Success. Vitally’s NPS for B2B SaaS is NPS rebuilt for Customer Success - gather feedback, send targeted surveys, and analyze satisfaction across a business’s users.

Jan 28 2019

Intercom + Vitally: Seamless Customer Support & Success

Import & sync your Intercom companies, users, and conversations to Vitally and access our Customer Success insights in Intercom with our new, bi-directional Intercom integration!