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Jan 16 2019

New in Vitally: Segmentation, rules, and a new, powerful UI

A big release to kick off 2019! Automatically and manually segment your customers by any data point while leveraging our new UI to quickly access data belonging to any segment.

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Conversations in Vitally
Nov 27 2018

New in Vitally: Track and report on your customer conversations and account owners

In this month's release, we introduce support for tracking your customer conversations in Vitally, alongside the ability to identify the user at a customer to serve as its 'Account Owner'.

Javascript API instructions
Nov 06 2018

New in Vitally: A new Javascript library to integrate directly with us, a Recurly integration, CSV exports, HQ improvements, and more!

Want to use Vitally but don't currently use an analytics tool like Segment or Mixpanel? Use our new Javascript library to integrate directly with us! Plus a new Recurly integration, improvements to HQ, and more!

Filtering HQ
Sep 25 2018

Introducing HQ - your headquarters for your growth and success KPIs

HQ is a single, beautiful dashboard that provides insight into all the customer, trial, and revenue KPIs you need to build a growing, successful B2B SaaS company.

Creating Custom Trait
Sep 05 2018

New in Vitally: Add custom traits to your customers and leverage Vitally's data in your other tools

You can now add new data fields to your customers directly from Vitally. These new traits can be leveraged just like existing traits - filter customers by custom trait values, setup alerts that fire for customers only with certain trait values, etc.

Aug 08 2018

New in Vitally: Qualify your trials in real-time

Tired of sifting through your signups to find the trials that are actually likely to convert? Trial qualification lets you create rules that assign a score to every trial, marking those who don’t reach a certain score as unqualified.

Subscribed Email Report
Jul 08 2018

New in Vitally: The most helpful email report around - updates to your customers 🀝, trials 🎁, and MRR πŸ’° pushed to your inbox daily

Our new email report sends you customer, trial, MRR, and product highlights from the past day or week. Let's take a look!

View Indicator Instance & Assign
Jun 05 2018

New in Vitally: Indicators 2.0 🚨 - Assign to teammates, mark as 'addressed', and more!

Indicators help your team be proactive with your customers by automatically highlighting customers that transition into risk & opportunity states. This month's release gives you more tools to manage and address your active Indicators. Let's take a look!

Elements Histogram
May 14 2018

New in Vitally: Better understand how customers have configured your product

Introducing a new feature - Elements! Elements help you understand how customers have configured your product, so you can ensure each implementation is setup for success. Let's see how they work!

Manually Update Subscription Details
Apr 16 2018

New in Vitally: Measure your revenue πŸ€‘, trials 🎁, and churn 🚨

Vitally has always been a tool to help you gain detailed insight into product adoption at your customers. However, if you wanted to track the customer's subscription lifecycle, that required using another tool separately from Vitally...until now πŸ˜‰