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Announcing our new partnership with Segment

Jamie DavidsonMar 05 2019
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We are excited to announce that Vitally is one of the first custom-built integrations in Segment’s new Developer Center!

For as long as we’ve been around, whenever anyone’s asked us for a recommendation on tools to use to track product usage, our answer has always been Segment. We are big Segment users ourselves - we currently track several hundred data points in Segment that make their way to our own internal Vitally (and other tools). So, when Segment reached to see if we were interested in being one of their first custom built integrations, we jumped at the opportunity.

Side note: If you've currently implemented Segment + Vitally using webhooks, your integration will continue to work without issue. Our new integration just makes it a lot easier to integrate Segment.

Ok, on to the overview of our Segment integration!

At Gorgias, we help Shopify stores provide the best customer service, so it's only natural that our own support should stand out. Segment + Vitally helps us do just that. Vitally enables us to analyze our customers' interactions with our product - received via Segment - thus helping us identify and predict their needs through built-in indicators and success metrics. By pushing that over to Segment and propagating the enriched data to our entire marketing stack, we can be proactive in the way we serve our customers while improving our automation process.

Axelle Heems, Growth Ops at [Gorgias](

Configuring the integration

Prior to our new partnership, connecting Segment to Vitally required a lengthy process of enabling webhooks that forwarded your data to us. No more! Now, just click the "Enable with Segment" button in our (new) integrations catalog.


This will start forwarding your Segment groups, identifies, and tracks to Vitally.

Analyzing your Segment data in Vitally

For those not familiar with us, we are a Customer Success Platform that wraps your unified customer data with powerful analytics, alerts, and automated workflows to help you build successful customers. So, Segment is just one of many integrations we have to common customer tools 😉

As a Customer Success Platform, one aim of ours is to help you analyze product usage across your (business) accounts, ensuring each have successfully implemented and experience recurring value from your product. Every account in Vitally comes with a 360° profile showing product usage and traits (via Segment + other tools), conversations, NPS scores, and more.

02. Account Dashboard

Each dashboard also allows you to graph Segment events over time per account. You can even graph events together to further explore trends.

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Of course, if you want to locate accounts exhibiting certain product behaviors, digging into dashboards one-by-one won't be terribly efficient. We provide powerful reporting across all your Segment data, helping you run any number of reports within seconds.


Viewing a list of accounts is helpful, but what if you could 'join' your Segment data with your subscription data (from Stripe, for example) and analyze MRR alongside product usage. No sweat! In fact, check out our live demo for yourself ;)


Finally, you can even track custom metrics (demo) and features (demo) on top of your Segment data. For example, you can track the percentage of an account's users that send specific event(s) each month, changes in a Segment account trait, and even the set of your product's integrations currently enabled at each account.

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Automating workflows on top of your Segment data

We don't just give you tools to analyze your customer data - we also help you 'act' on it at scale. With our powerful Rules feature (demo), you can setup automated workflows that run across all your customer data - Segment events and traits, Stripe subscriptions, NPS scores, and a lot, lot more.

As we detect accounts that match your rules, we can perform a variety of actions on those accounts - e.g. fire an alarm (Indicator), assign a CSM, show users at the account an in-app NPS survey, etc.

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Pushing our data back to Segment for use in your other tools

Sending your Segment data to Vitally is only one aspect of our partnership with Segment. As detailed above, we help you organize all your customer data, enriching it with unique Customer Success insights and analytics in Vitally.

We want you to be able to leverage these insights in your other customer tools, which is why you can configure our Segment integration to push these insights back to Segment. Then, you simply need to leverage the power of Segment to forward that data to other destinations!

Lastly, you can also edit an account's Segment traits in Vitally. Once you do, we'll push your update back to Segment, giving you a powerful UI on top of your Segment traits.

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That's it for this post! As a reminder, Vitally is a Customer Success Platform that wraps your unified customer data with powerful analytics, alerts, and automated workflows to help you build successful customers. You can integrate a variety of tools into Vitally, including Segment, Mixpanel, Intercom, Stripe, Clearbit, and more. If you have any questions about us, our integrations, or anything else, give us a shout on Twitter.