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Introducing HQ - your headquarters for your growth and success KPIs

Jamie DavidsonSep 25 2018
Filtering HQ

Vitally's mission has always been to provide your team with the tools and insights necessary to build a growing, successful customer base. However, to track your overall growth and success - for example, how your MRR grows over time - you needed to use another tool paired alongside Vitally. With the launch of our new "HQ" product, that is no longer the case!

HQ is a single, beautiful dashboard that provides insight into all the customer, trial, and revenue KPIs you need to build a growing, successful B2B SaaS company. Let's dive into how that is.

Subscription and customer KPIs in HQ

HQ is organized into 2 tabs, with the first (default) tab providing insight into your subscription and customer KPIs. These KPIs are provided in three 'collections':

1. Growth - Shows current and historical values for your MRR, number of paying customers, and average MRR per customer.


2. MRR Breakdown - Provides a breakdown of your MRR for the last 30 days or any past week/month. You can easily see net new MRR/customers, net churn, expansion MRR/customers, contraction MRR/customers, and churned MRR/customers.


3. Retention - Shows your retention and churn rates. You can view your dollar rates (i.e. how much MRR was retained vs churned) or customer rates (i.e. how many accounts were retained vs churned) for the last 30 days or any past week/month.


Trial KPIs

The second tab in HQ provides your trial KPIs broken down into these three 'collections':

1. Success - Shows a daily, weekly, or monthly breakdown of new converted trials and new MRR from those converted trials.


2. Conversion - Shows your trial conversion rate + number of converted vs unconverted trials for the last 30 days or any past week/month.


3. New Trials - Shows your trial qualification rate + number of new qualified vs unqualified trials for the last 30 days or any past week/month.


Viewing KPI values for any customer segment

Naturally, seeing these KPI values and how they trend over time is great, but wouldn't it be greater to isolate these values down to a specific customer segment? Using our filters, you can do just that and answer unlimited questions around your company's success in practically any customer segment:

  • How does my MRR growth from B2B companies compare to B2C?
  • What does the trial conversion rate look like for trials that enable my Slack integration?
  • Do customers with at least 10 users have higher retention rates than those with less?

Filtering HQ

Can I see a demo?

Yep! We've updated our live demo to provide semi-realistic data for the most innovative startup in the valley. You can view this demo here.

What's next for HQ?

HQ is currently in beta while we ensure we've worked out any kinks and are providing values with 100% accuracy. So while we are in beta, you may experience some bugs, and we may tweak things a bit. However, the bulk of HQ's functionality should already be stable and accurate, so don't hesitate to dive in!

What else did we launch recently?

While HQ was our biggest product update, we also gave our homepage a new makeover that also details our product in more detail. Go ahead - give it a look!



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