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New in Vitally: A (beta) Hubspot integration, a dashboard to analyze your team's performance, and filter improvements to build more powerful Playbooks & reports

Jamie DavidsonFeb 12 2020
Team dashboard


Here's what's new in our most recent release:

  • Bidirectional Hubspot integration - Auto-sync your accounts and contacts between Vitally and Hubspot
  • Team dashboard - Assess the overall health and performance of each team member's customer portfolio
  • Filter groups - Group specific sets of filters together with their own AND or OR to build more powerful playbooks and reports

Bidirectional Hubspot integration now in beta

Vitally's new Hubspot integration helps ensure your Customer Success and Sales teams have shared access to your customers' data. With this integration, you can sync the following data between Hubspot and Vitally:

  • Accounts - Vitally can import your Hubspot companies into Vitally as accounts. You'll be able to whitelist the Hubspot fields to add to your Vitally account profiles, make changes to those fields in Vitally, and push Vitally's customer analytics (e.g. health scores, indicators) back to your Hubspot records.
  • Contacts - Vitally can import your Hubspot contacts into Vitally as users. You'll be able to whitelist the Hubspot fields to add to your Vitally user profiles and make changes to those fields in Vitally,
  • Coming soon: A bidrectional sync of notes & tasks between Hubspot and Vitally is also coming soon!

If you'd like to immediately dig into the capabilities of this integration, head on over to our help center. For now though, let's run through a real-life scenario.

Importing & editing your Hubspot data in Vitally

Let's say you've already plugged Segment and Stripe into Vitally and now want to do the same with Hubspot. Leveraging Vitally's Hubspot integration, you can select which Hubspot fields you want to add to your existing Vitally account profiles, effectively joining your account data between Segment, Stripe, and Hubspot.

You can even edit these Hubspot fields in Vitally, with updates applied back to Hubspot in real-time.


Pushing Vitally's data back to Hubspot

Want your Vitally data, like an account's health score, in Hubspot? We've got you covered πŸ˜‰

Hubspot Pushed Account Properties

Some of the fields Vitally can push back to Hubspot include:

  • Health score
  • Subscription details like renewal date and MRR
  • NPS data like overall NPS score + # of promoters, passives, and detractors
  • Active indicators and segments
  • Success Metric values
  • and more!

Coming soon: Syncing notes & tasks between Hubspot & Vitally

Finally, we'll very soon be adding support for sharing notes & tasks between Vitally and Hubspot in practically the same way it is supported with our recent Salesforce integration. Check back soon for a new release post detailing those capabilities!

HQ's new Team dashboard

The larger your Customer Success team becomes, the more essential it is to gain insight into each team member's book of business. Knowing the number of accounts and revenue each member is responsible for alongside the overall health of each portfolio is essential when building a world-class Customer Success team (and keeping workloads at a sane level πŸ˜‰). Our new Team dashboard provides access to these insights and more!

Team dashboard

In the screenshot above, notice the "CSM" and "AE" buttons in the top right? Using those, we'll calculate a wealth of metrics for accounts where each team member is assigned to that role, including:

  • Accounts managed
  • Total users at those accounts
  • Total revenue across those accounts
  • Average health score + a breakdown (e.g. 27 Healthy, 10 Poor)
  • Number of account risks + number of assigned risk indicators
  • Number of account opportunities + number of assigned opportunities indicators
  • Number of assigned (open) tasks
  • ...and more metrics coming soon (give us a shout if you want to see something specific!)

Oh, and as always with Vitally, these metrics will auto-update as you apply filters, allowing you to see these metrics across any customer segment! You can even click on a specific metric to see the accounts/data that it contains.

Build more advanced Playbooks & reports with filter groups

Speaking of filters, you can now group specific sets of filters together with their own AND/OR. You can then group those sets together with their own AND/OR. Essentially, no longer are you required to group everything by 1 AND or 1 OR - use as many as you like πŸŽ‰

CleanShot 2020-02-21 at 08.21.38@2x

Filter groups are currently supported when running reports in the main Vitally UI as well as when building playbooks. We'll be adding support for filter groups in all places that support filters in the near future as well.

That's it for this release! Have feedback or ideas on other things we can tackle? Hit us up on Twitter!


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