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New in Vitally: A new Javascript library to integrate directly with us, a Recurly integration, CSV exports, HQ improvements, and more!

Jamie DavidsonNov 06 2018
Javascript API instructions

Last month, we launched a massive new feature - HQ, which is a single dashboard that provides insight into all the customer, trial, and revenue KPIs you need to build a successful B2B SaaS company. In this release, we add new features to HQ and also ship some new integrations - let's take a look!

Integrate directly with Vitally with our new Javascript library

Alongside our integrations to Segment and Mixpanel, we now offer our own Javascript library that lets you send data about your customers, users, and their product usage directly to us.

It's very simple to get started with this new library. You'll need to first inject a small Javascript snippet into your product (very similar to snippets provided by tools like Segment and Google Analytics). To retrieve your unique snippet, just enable the API integration in your Vitally account and follow the instructions provided (we also have documentation here).

Once you've installed the library in your product, you'll have access to 3 APIs:

  • Vitally.account - identifies the business account (i.e. organization) using your product.
  • Vitally.user - identifies the user at the account that is currently using your product.
  • Vitally.track - tracks the interactions the user has with your product.

We'll be expanding, and possibly even open-sourcing, this API over the coming months, so stay tuned for future enhancements!

Use our new Recurly integration to automatically track your customers' subscriptions

Alongside our Stripe integration, we now offer automatic subscription tracking from Recurly. This integration lets you automatically track your Recurly subscriptions - including trials, MRR, renewal dates, and churn - in Vitally. Additionally, given the launch of HQ last month, you can now use Vitally to measure and analyze your Recurly subscriptions.

To enable the Recurly integration, simply navigate to the Integrations section of your Account Settings (we also have detailed docs here). If you run into any issues, don't hesitate to reach out!

HQ improvements

We also made 3 helpful improvements to HQ recently:

1) Percentage change: We now provide a percentage change stat in every metric displayed in HQ (from the previous timeframe's value). For example, if your Net Churn shows a -54.2% decrease (like in the GIF below), that means your Net Churn has decreased by 54.2% from the previous 30 days (that's a good thing!).


2) MRR Growth Rate breakdown: Wondering if your new and expansion revenue is consistently improving? Our new Growth Rate breakdown helps you ensure the positive components of your MRR improves month-over-month!


3) Data tables: Every stat in HQ now has an option to view the graphed data in a table.


Export your customers and users to a CSV file

As you run reports in Vitally, you can now download a CSV file containing the customers and/or users that make up the report - quite useful in case you'd like to message those customers/users in your support tool!


Filter the events that affect Elements and Success Metrics

When creating Elements and Success Metrics, you can now define a condition limiting the events that will impact the metric. For example, say you send an integration-enabled event to Vitally for every integration enabled by a user. Each event also has a type property that tracks which integration was actually enabled (e.g. Slack, Segment, etc). Using an event filter, you can now setup individual Elements that track which customers enable your Slack integration, your Segment integration, and any others you provide!



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