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New in Vitally: Add custom traits to your customers and leverage Vitally's data in your other tools

Jamie DavidsonSep 05 2018
Creating Custom Trait

This month's release is heavily focused on improving and expanding upon your customers' data in Vitally. Let's take a look!

Custom traits - add properties to your customers in Vitally

You can now add new data fields to your customers directly from Vitally. These new traits can be leveraged in Vitally just like traits already tracked from tools like Segment or Mixpanel - filter customers by custom trait values, setup alerts that fire for customers only with certain trait values, etc.

You can create a custom trait from either the Traits section in your Account Settings or directly from the Traits view of a customer. Custom traits simply have a name and a type (e.g. string, number, date, etc). Once created, you can add a trait value to customers directly from their Traits view.

Creating Custom Trait

View traits organized by source

Since you can now add traits to customers in Vitally, we felt like it was best to display your customers' traits organized by the system that created them. So now, when viewing a customer's traits, you can see which traits were added by Vitally vs other tools like Segment, Mixpanel, Stripe, and Clearbit.


Leverage Vitally's data in other tools with our new Segment integration

Vitally enhances your customers with a slew of important data points - e.g. custom metric values, active Indicators (alerts), MRR and subscription status, and a ton more! Naturally, it'd be useful to leverage our data in your other customer tools like your support/chat tool or CRM, which is now possible with our new Segment integration!

This new integration sends updates to Segment about your Vitally customers in 2 different scenarios:

  • Once a day (at 23:00 UTC), Vitally will send a group call to Segment for every tracked (User, Customer) pair in Vitally. This group call will include a summary about your customer in Vitally as traits.
  • Then, if you leverage our above custom traits feature or edit Segment traits in Vitally (see below), we send immediate updates to Segment that includes only changed traits.

This help doc provides a more detailed overview of this new integration, including an overview of the data we send back to Segment.

Finally, this new Segment integration is different from our previous one, as you could always send your customer data to Vitally via Segment. This addition lets you leverage Segment to sync the enhancements we make to your customer data back to your other systems. Additionally, if you were already leveraging Segment to send data to Vitally, you will need to opt in to this new functionality (i.e. we are not automatically pushing data back to Segment).

Edit Segment traits in Vitally

To round out our traits update, you can now edit customer values for your Segment traits in Vitally. Paired with the new Segment integration above, we would then send Segment an immediate group call letting them know of the trait update.

This new functionality comes with a bit of a disclaimer though. Since Segment created the trait in Vitally initially, we treat Segment as the source of truth for the most up-to-date value of that trait for your customers. Thus, if you edit a value for a Segment trait in value, if Segment sends us a different value, your change will be overwritten. Essentially, you'll want to ensure that edited traits are no longer being tracked in Segment to guarantee that your changes will be maintained (or enable our integration above to let Segment know the trait has been updated).