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New in Vitally: Better understand how customers have configured your product

Jamie DavidsonMay 14 2018
Elements Histogram

Analytics tools like Segment and Mixpanel are built for volume, allowing you to track every interaction users have with your product. Which is great! But in the B2B world, it is essential to understand how customers have setup your product - if they've completed onboarding, enabled the appropriate integrations, etc. Yet, in the avalanche of data that flows into your analytics tool, this 'configuration state' can quickly get buried beneath other clicks and pageviews, leaving you unsure if customers are setup for success with your product.

This month's release addresses these problems with a new feature we're calling Elements. Elements help you understand how customers have configured your product, so you can ensure each implementation is setup for success. Let's see how they work!


Let's jump straight to some example problems solved by Elements. Say your product has an integration with Slack, and configuring this integration is pretty important to customers realizing your product's value. Elements help you clearly track which customers have:

  • Enabled the integration (and when)
  • Have yet to enable the integration
  • Disabled the integration (after having it previously enabled)

Once you create a Slack integration element, you'll see a new column for customers that can show you both current enabled states + times the integration was enabled/disabled.


Of course, you can also sort and filter on these new columns.


Now, let's take a critical feature that doesn't have a simple on/off state. Let's say your product is actually a Slack-like tool for teams. Naturally, to experience the value of Slack, you have to create some channels. Thus, it's pretty important to understand if, and how many, channels each customer has created. Elements can help you here too! *


*Side note: We only recommend creating Elements for features used in small doses, ones used mostly during onboarding and then perhaps a few times a month afterwards.

Ok, that's great and all, but you might be thinking "doesn't Vitally already track the total number of times each customer has done some event?" Well, hypothetical reader, we do indeed! Elements, however, give you 3 new advantages over pure event totals.

Advantage #1: You can view every instance of an Element created by each customer. This can be quite helpful for support scenarios as well as ensuring more complicated features have been setup correctly.


Advantage #2: You can track updates and deletes to Elements. Which helps ensure you have an up-to-date view of the customer's feature usage.

Advantage #3: Histograms! The 3rd advantage is probably the biggest one :) For each Element you create, we'll provide a histogram that shows a breakdown of your customers' current usage of that Element. For example, you can see how many customers have an integration enabled vs disabled:


Or, for Elements tracking creation of some core data (like Channels), you can see customers bucketed in groups from lowest to highest feature usage. You can even toggle between total customers and total MRR!

Elements Histogram

You can even click on any bar in these histograms to view customers included in the selected range!


As a bonus, we also now provide these same histograms for your Success Metrics. So, as an example, if you have a metric tracking 'Percentage of licenses used' for each customer, you can now view a clear breakdown of that metric across your customers.


Other improvements

Indicator column + filtering When viewing customers, each Indicator now has a column that, when enabled, shows the time the Indicator was first active at a customer (if it is currently active). You can also filter and sort on this column, allowing you to view customers that recently 'tripped' an Indicator more easily.


Support for yearly subscriptions In our last update, we introduced support for revenue, trial, and churn tracking. In that update, we required revenue to be sent as MRR, but this month, we launched support for both monthly and yearly subscription values.

What's next?

Here's a brief preview of what's planned for our next product update:

  • Indicator improvements: Manually end Indicators, assign teammates to active Indicators, and more! The goal here is to make Indicators more actionable while also giving you tools to better manage Indicators at higher volumes.
  • Query customers by percentage change in Success Metrics: We'll also support this when creating Indicators, allowing you to fire Indicators based on percentage increases or decreases in product usage!
  • GDPR updates: We'll be updating our Privacy Policy and product to ensure we are GDPR-compliant. We'll also be making some product updates to help you ensure GDPR-compliance when using Vitally as a data processor.
  • Launch! We are nearing the end of our beta, which means we will soon have an official release along with pricing. We are still working on this, but if you have questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.


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