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New in Vitally: Create automated or manual tasks for your team + customers

Jamie DavidsonMay 08 2019
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With our release of Conversations last month, we introduced a powerful feature to help you engage the right customers at the right times. However, while emails are a powerful CS tool, it's quite likely you'll need to perform some other tasks for your customers other than sending them an email. Our new Tasks feature is here to help for those scenarios! Let's dig in!

Want to play with tasks?

If you'd rather not read the below overview of tasks, our live demo has been updated to include sample tasks - feel free to explore!

Auto-creating tasks

Rules are a powerful feature in Vitally to automate certain actions across specific accounts, and a new Action supported with Rules is to create a Task for accounts that match your rules.

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When defining the task to automatically create, you can define several parameters for the task to ensure it is assigned to the right teammate (i.e. the account's CSM) at the right time.

Viewing tasks

Tasks are now a supported view in a variety of places:

The main Tasks 'data view'

You'll now notice a new Tasks view in Vitally's main navigation. Similarly to all other views in that list, you can dynamically filter Tasks down to those at specific accounts.


Tasks for a specific account

There's also now a new tab for each customer dashboard showing the Tasks created for that account only.

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Tasks assigned to you (or a teammate)

Finally, each teammate profile now shows the assigned tasks for that teammate by default.

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Engaging with tasks

Naturally, tasks support the expected set of actions:

  • Due dates - define when a task should be completed by.
  • Queue - there are 2 queues for tasks - "Today" and "Later". "Today" tasks should include the tasks currently being worked on and are displayed above "Later" tasks. Note that we also automatically move tasks every day to the "Today" queue if their due date is the current day.
  • Assigned teammate - select the teammate responsible for the task.
  • Tags - better organize tasks using tags. You can select a tag to filter tasks down to just those with the selected tag.
  • Notes - document your thoughts on a task by leaving notes.

And of course, tasks can be completed :)


And while automating task creation and assignment is quite useful and powerful, you'll naturally want to be able to create specific tasks for specific accounts and teammates. To do so, just click the "Add task" button above the list of tasks.


Finally, every list of Tasks can be filtered down even further via a collection of filters + a full-text search.


There's much more that's new in Vitally

That's not all we've launched recently! But, this release post is long enough, so next week, we'll be sending another summarizing the other enhancements we shipped recently. Stay tuned!


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