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New in Vitally: Notifications, smarter CSM auto-assignment, Hubspot activity sync, & support for pushing more fields to CRMs

Jamie DavidsonMar 23 2020
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Here's what's new in our most recent release:

  • In-app & email notifications - Get alerted for important customer activity you've been assigned to
  • Auto-assign multiple different CSMs/AEs - Use intelligent algorithms to auto-assign the right team member to an account (via a Playbook)
  • Bidirectional notes & tasks sync with Hubspot - Push your Vitally notes & tasks to Hubspot and pull your Hubspot engagements into Vitally
  • Push individual health scores & any trait to Salesforce/Hubspot - Access all your health scores & account traits in your Salesforce & Hubspot account profiles

Naturally, this is a difficult time for everyone, and first off, just want to say that I hope everyone is staying healthy and safe. For Vitally, it's very much 'business as usual' for us, and to show that, we've shipped a wealth of new features to help CS teams stay informed and proactive during this time. Let's dig in!

In-app + email notifications for important customer activity

As Playbooks and other team members assign accounts, tasks, and indicators to you, we now create both in-app and email notifications to alert you of this new activity.

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Specifically, we'll generate a new notification any time:

  • A Playbook or team member assigns you to be the CSM of an account
  • A Playbook or team member assigns you to be the AE of an account
  • A Playbook or team member assigns you to a task
  • A Playbook or team member assigns you to an indicator

We'll be adding support for more notifications over time. Give us a shout if there's a specific one you'd like to see!

Auto-assign different CSMs/AEs using algorithms

For high-growth teams that have high volumes of accounts, it can be quite tough to ensure each account has an owner. To help with that, we've enhanced our Playbook action that auto-assigns CSMs/AEs to support selecting multiple different team members (note: this is supported on our Growth plan only).


The actual team member that gets assigned is decided from 1 of 3 possible algorithms:

  • Assign to the team member with the least managed accounts
  • Assign to the team member with the least managed revenue
  • Assign to the team member that has not been assigned to an account for the longest period of time (i.e. a 'round-robin' approach)

Bidirectional activity sync between Hubspot & Vitally

Last month, we released our beta Hubspot integration, and this month, we build off it by adding the ability to bidirectionally sync notes and tasks between Hubspot and Vitally!

To learn more about this enhancement and for instructions on how to enable it, check out our resource center. It functions identically to the Salesforce integration we shipped in January :)

Push individual health scores and any trait to Salesforce/Hubspot

Vitally's Salesforce and Hubspot integrations support decorating your account profiles in your CRM with a wealth of data points tracked natively in Vitally. This month, we enhanced that ability by adding support to attach each individual health score tracked in Vitally to your CRM account profiles.

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Additionally, you can also now push any trait tracked in Vitally back to Salesforce or Hubspot. This means you can now use Vitally to auto-attach Segment, Mixpanel, Stripe, and other integration data on to your Salesforce or Hubspot account profiles!

That's it for this release! Have feedback or ideas on other things we can tackle? Hit us up on Twitter!

And stay safe out there.