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New in Vitally: NPS surveys and analytics built for Customer Success

Jamie DavidsonFeb 19 2019
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Gathering feedback from your customers is a critical component of Customer Success, and a popular strategy for gathering that feedback is to send NPS surveys to users. However, current NPS solutions almost always omit the 'business' when reporting on your NPS feedback. For B2B SaaS teams, that can be pretty frustrating.

So when we decided to add more support to analyzing NPS feedback in Vitally, we had 2 options: 1) integrate with the numerous NPS tools out there and hope that we could 'resolve' the user's account from the data they provided or 2) build our own NPS solution specifically for B2B SaaS teams. We chose option #2 😀

Beautiful, customizable in-app NPS surveys

When we designed our NPS surveys, we had one goal in mind: to impress the user who sees the survey, both with the UI and UX.

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You can also customize the button colors and every bit of text the user sees. For a full list of configurable options (along with installation instructions), check out our docs.


Send to the right users at the right times

Most NPS tools seem to land on the 'age' of the user as being the 'right' factor when determining if a user should see an NPS survey. We respectfully disagree. Like, what if a user is 2 months into their usage of your product, but they've only used your product once. Asking them to submit an NPS survey is unlikely to yield actionable feedback.

So we decided to take our configuration in a different direction, broken up into 1) a base configuration that determines if a user should see a survey and 2) (optionally) rules that limit the accounts (i.e. businesses) that should see surveys.

Base configuration (View live demo)

Our base configuration places restrictions on which users should see a survey. You can still limit by the 'age' of the user, but we also support specifying a minimum number of sessions the user should have before seeing a survey.

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Limiting accounts [(View live demo)])(

If sent strategically, NPS feedback can be a useful component in understanding the customer's likelihood of renewal. However, it is often very tough to send NPS surveys strategically, as most NPS tools lack data pertaining to the customer and their relationship with your business. Not us though :)

Using our Rules feature, you can define conditions that accounts must satisfy in order to see NPS surveys. For example, say you only want to survey users belonging to annual accounts that are 30 days away from renewal. Or maybe you want to only survey accounts who are fully onboarded, pay you at least $100 a month, and are at least 3 months into their subscription. Piece of 🍰

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Analyzing NPS scores & feedback

Beautiful NPS surveys only get you so far - your NPS tool is really only as good as its analytics capabilities. We think we've got you pretty well covered there 😉

Browsing responses

In Vitally, there are 3 main ways to browse responses:

Method #1: The new NPS view (View live demo)

Paired with our new navigation and segmentation abilities, this view gives you powerful tools to analyze feedback across any customer segment.


Method #2: The account's dashboard

Each account dashboard has a new NPS section showing the overall NPS score across users at that account paired with individual responses.

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Method #3: The user's activity panel

Finally, you can view an individual user's feedback in their activity panel.


Analyzing accounts

We've added 4 new NPS columns & filters to accounts in Vitally:

  1. NPS - The calculated NPS score from the account's users' NPS submissions.
  2. Promoter count - Number of users at the account with a most recent score of 9 or 10
  3. Passive count - Number of users at the account with a most recent score of 7 or 8
  4. Detractor count - Number of users at the account with a most recent score below 7


View live demo

Finally, we've added a new NPS section to our HQ KPI dashboard that shows trends in your NPS scores over time. There's 3 sections of analytics:

  1. Trend - Shows a daily, weekly, or monthly breakdown of your overall NPS score + the number of promoters, passives, and detractors you had at each time unit.
  2. NPS per account - Shows a daily, weekly, or monthly breakdown of your average NPS score per account + the number of accounts where your NPS score was World Class (> 70), Excellent (between 50 & 70), Good (between 0 and 50), and Poor (less than 0).
  3. Response breakdown - Shows a weekly or monthly breakdown of your NPS responses during each time unit grouped by score.


Don't forget that HQ analytics are filterable, allowing you to dig into NPS analytics for any segment of accounts!

Automatically detect accounts with concerning NPS scores

Finally, we've integrated our new NPS capabilities to work with all our existing features, like Indicators (automated alerts fired at accounts using rules).

There are numerous ways to leverage your NPS data with your other customer data to auto-detect churn risks or upsell opportunities, but one of our favorites is also one of the simplest - auto-detecting accounts owned by users that are less than happy. Since account owners usually control whether they renew or not, auto-detecting accounts with 'detractor' owners is a great way to discover potential churn risks.

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That's it for this release! As always, don't hesitate to let us know what you think. We are always available at


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