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New in Vitally: Qualify your trials in real-time

Jamie DavidsonAug 08 2018

Tired of sifting through your signups to find the trials that are actually likely to convert? So are we, which is why we built trial qualification into Vitally. Use rules to assign a score to every trial, and mark those who don’t reach a certain score as unqualified. Let’s take a look!

Create a score using rules on customer traits and enriched data from Clearbit

Configuring trial qualification is pretty simple - simply specify a set of rules that basically define your ideal customer/market. The weight from each passing rule will be added to the customer’s trial qualification score. Rules can be based on traits from your analytics setup or on enriched traits from Clearbit:


As an example, these are the qualification rules we specified in our own Vitally account, which defines our target market of qualified B2B SaaS companies:

  • Clearbit tags contains B2B
  • Clearbit tags contains SAAS
  • Signed up using business email is true [1]
  • Capital raised is greater than 0

[1] We also added a new data point for your customers - a Signed up using business email column. This is set to true for customers whose first user used a non-free business email account to start their trial (i.e. vs Use this new column to further focus on businesses that seem serious about using your product!

Compare trial qualification scores across customers to find the most promising signups

Trial qualification scores are available as a column just like any other data point in Vitally. Add the column to a view to sort, filter, and compare!


See why each customer was assigned their trial qualification score

Just hover over a qualification score anywhere in Vitally to see which rules were satisfied and which failed:


Save $$$ by filtering out unqualified trials

We’ve tweaked our pricing to only charge you for monthly new, qualified trials. This way, any influx in new trials that aren’t in your target market won’t affect your monthly Vitally bill.

Learn more about trial qualification

We've also published a detailed walkthrough on trial qualification and how to configure it in your account in our help center. Check it out here!


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