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New in Vitally: Segmentation, rules, and a new, powerful UI

Jamie DavidsonJan 16 2019

The more customers your company acquires, the harder it gets to keep things organized. Which customers signed up recently and may need some guidance from Customer Success? Which customers have you not communicated with recently? How much MRR exists within your B2B vs B2C customers? With our most recent release, we've made significant changes to make it insanely easy to answer these questions while keeping your customer base well organized. Let's dig in!

A new, powerful UI

Before we dig into segmentation, let's cover our new UI 😎. We've redesigned our entire interface, making it super easy to access the data belonging to any subset of your accounts.

Powerful navigation
Filters applied at the bottom of navigation are maintained as you navigate data views at the top!

Our new navigation is now split into 2 functions. The top contains links to various data views for your accounts - HQ (our subscription analytics dashboard), a list of accounts, active Indicators, etc. The bottom contains the ability to filter displayed data using a combination of dynamic filters and default account subsets (trials, subscribed customers, active risks & opportunities, etc). Any configured filters are maintained as you navigate the links at the top, giving you insanely fast access to the KPIs and accounts belonging to any set of customers!

Automate customer management with Rules

With our new Rules feature, you can perform specific 'actions' to occur as accounts match a configured set of rules. Rules can be applied to any data point we track about your accounts - product usage, subscription details like MRR and renewal date, custom metrics, and any other data point you send us.

Customer Success rules
Rules can automate your Customer Success needs!

As accounts match your rules, you can 1) assign a CSM to the account, 2) fire a risk or opportunity Indicator for the account, and 3) add the account to a segment. Which finally gets us to segmentation!


With our new Rules and Segmentation features, keeping your customer base well organized has never been easier! Easily setup rules that identify accounts in specific markets, with concerning product usage, with little to no communication, or that exhibit any other behaviors. Then, auto-add those accounts to segments that can easily be accessed in our new navigation 😍

Customer segmentation
Segment your customers by any data point and easily access each segment's accounts and KPIs!

You can create any number of segments and can even add accounts to segments manually, allowing segments to double as to-do lists ✅

Manual segmentation
Add accounts to segments manually to track custom sets of customers

Paired with our new navigation, you can easily setup any number of customer segments and access each segment's MRR, churn, product usage, Indicators, notes, and more with a single click!

Analyze product usage at churned accounts as well as the frequency of any product event

We also now provide helpful histograms showing a breakdown of the frequency of any product event you send us. Paired with our new navigation, you can also now analyze product usage at your churned accounts (or any subset of churned accounts) to better understand what behaviors lead to happily paying customers!

Event analysis
Understand how often accounts generate any event and dig into product usage at churned accounts


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