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New in Vitally: The most helpful email report around - updates to your customers 🤝, trials 🎁, and MRR 💰 pushed to your inbox daily

Jamie DavidsonJul 08 2018
Subscribed Email Report

Whew, have we been busy 😅. We transitioned out of our open beta a couple of weeks ago and still somehow found the time to ship 🚢 some significant updates to the product. Let's dive in!

📧 Get the most critical updates to your business delivered to your inbox daily or weekly

Enough chit-chat - let's see some pretty pictures 😉

Email Report

Our new email report sends you customer, trial, MRR, and product highlights from the past day or week. These highlights include:

  • 💰 New customers + MRR
  • 💔 New churned customers + lost MRR
  • 🎉 Customers that used your product for the first time
  • 📈 New renewals + expansion/contraction MRR
  • 📅 Upcoming renewals
  • 💳 Customers with failed payments for their renewal
  • 🤑 New opportunities (from both paying customers & trials)
  • 🚨 New risks (again - both paying customers & trials)
  • 🤔 Customers that returned to your product after a long absence, customers slipping away, and customers that are now unengaged with your product
  • 🎁 New trials + an update on your trial conversion rate for the week
  • 📅 Trials ending soon + trials that just ended
  • 🎉 Trials that switched to paid subscriptions

Each highlight links to a report that showcases the customers contained within that stat. Also, you can configure this email to be sent on a daily or weekly basis (sent on Friday morning).

Wish this email included a different stat? Send your thoughts to!

Easily discover customers with MRR changes

When viewing the MRR column in customer reports, we now highlight any changes to the customer's MRR from their last subscription renewal.


Stripe integration - Automatically track customers, trials, revenue, and churn

Having product + subscription data in one place is wildly powerful. And since Stripe is one of the most popular choices for startups when implementing subscriptions and billing, it only made sense for us to integrate directly with it!

Our new Stripe integration automatically syncs your customers, trials, subscription data (e.g. MRR, renewal dates), and churn into Vitally. Paired with our new email (see above), Vitally can now provide you some wildly helpful, daily insights backed by your Stripe data 💪.

If you are a Stripe customer, you can enable this integration in the Integrations section of your Account Settings.

Integrate directly with Vitally with our new HTTPS Analytics API

Up to this point, you needed to be a Segment or Mixpanel customer to use Vitally. Well, not any longer! Our new Analytics API gives you the ability to integrate directly with us. Note that this API is an HTTPS API - not a Javascript tracking library [0].

If you are interested in using our API, we recommend browsing our documentation first. When a developer is then ready to implement the integration, you can find your API key in the Integrations section of your Account Settings.

*[0] Why did we make this decision? Well, ad blockers are becoming more popular and smarter. In turn, they are blocking more and more Javascript libraries like Segment, which diminishes our ability to provide accurate analytics and reports. Because of this, we've started recommending that you track your most critical actions on your server rather than in your client with Javascript.*

Get the most out of Vitally with our new onboarding process


Vitally is a powerful, flexible tool, which means there's also a bit of a learning curve to conquer in the beginning 🤓. Our new onboarding process helps guide you along this path to ensure you get the most out of your Vitally experience.

Improved (and lots more) documentation

While we are on the topic of conquering Vitally's learning curve, our new help center provides in-depth articles on Vitally's features, setup process, and more. Powered by our friends at elevio, you can access all documentation without ever leaving Vitally!



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