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New in Vitally: User rules & actions, keyboard shortcuts, and more power features

Jamie DavidsonJun 20 2019

After the release of Tasks in May, we’ve been hard at work at Vitally adding features to make you even more productive. With this release, you can better automate user engagement while more easily navigating around Vitally. Let's dig in!

User rules & actions

You can now add rules on both accounts and users in our powerful Rules feature while also automatically engaging with users directly that satisfy your rules.

First, there are now 2 possible sets of rules you can define: one using account data and another using user data.


There's also a new option that lets you specify whether your Actions should run across matching Accounts or matching Users.

CleanShot 2019-06-20 at 08.17.57@2x

At the moment, Actions supported for Users are limited to our engagement actions - "Show an NPS survey" and "Start a Conversation". Other Actions (e.g. "Add to Segment", "Fire an Indicator", etc) are currently still supported only for matching Accounts.

Finally, if you 1) specify that Actions should run on Accounts and 2) add User rules, any Account with at least 1 User that matches your rules will be considered a 'match' and will have your defined Actions applied to them.

New keyboard shortcuts & a 'Quick jump' window

Let's say you want to try out our new User rules. Wouldn't it be great if you could jump straight to Rules from any page in Vitally without having to navigate first to Settings and then to Rules? We thought so, and so we added a new 'Quick jump' window :)


To launch this new window, press Command+k (⌘+k for Mac users and Win+k for Windows users) and you’ll be able to quickly jump between pages.

As a bonus, you can now open the search window with “command+/” to quickly find your users, accounts, and teammates.

Other Updates

Zapier support for Tasks

You can now use Zapier with Vitally's tasks. This release adds a “Task Created” trigger and a “Create a Task” action to Vitally’s Zapier integration.

Manage Note & Task Tags in Settings

See a consolidated view of your current tags in the new Note Tags and Task Tags sections of your settings. You can create, edit, and delete tags in one centralized location. Try navigating there with the quick-jump window 😉

Configure all text in the NPS survey

Every text field in the NPS survey is now configurable, either via static text or by passing a function to the script that allows you to customize the text based on the user’s score and feedback. This can also be used for internationalization. The full list of configurable variables is in our updated help doc.

Full columns support for CSV exports

Our CSV exports for both users and customers will now support all of the currently displayed columns (instead of a summary of the users and customers). Like everything in Vitally, the exports also respect the filters you have applied. This release makes it even easier to use Vitally data in your other tools by tailoring your exported data exactly to what your tools need.

Multiple filters for Elements and Subscription Configuration

For users with more complex requirements for creating Elements or for determining which accounts should be categorized as subscribed, trial, or churned, we now support adding multiple filters. You can now create an “Email Integration” Element that looks for “type is Gmail OR type is Outlook” or churn customers where “status is unpaid AND renewal_date is more than 7 days ago”


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