Head of Revenue

At Vitally, we are looking to bring on an ambitious, experienced revenue growth & strategy leader to the team!

Even though we’ve been around for a couple years, think of this as essentially a cofounder-level role, as you’ll be defining and helping execute the growth strategy that takes our company to the next level 📈 Some qualities that should resonate with you:

  • You are a skilled, strategic revenue/sales leader.
  • You have experience selling to SMB and mid-market SaaS companies. Bonus if you’ve also sold to the enterprise.
  • You’ve worked on startup teams before and helped drive their revenue growth. Bonus if you’ve also managed and hired your own sales team. Double bonus if you’ve started your own company before.
  • You have go-to-market experience and expertise, especially around market segmentation, persona building/testing, channel experimentation, etc.
  • You are an excellent writer. While you’ll have help with our content efforts, we also want you partaking in them.
  • You are a generalist. For some reason, you’ve just always been above average at most anything you tried. Count yourself lucky 😃
  • You are an excellent time manager and organized hustler. At Vitally, we keep things lean by hiring “5x team members” - someone who knows how to get 5x more of the right work done each day.
  • You are data-driven. You are used to running experiments with different channels and leaning into those where the numbers prove a valuable return.

What you’ll be doing

This is mostly up to you. We are bringing you on to provide expertise - not follow instructions - so how you spend your time will mostly be up to you. We’ll work together to set the business’s goals, but you’ll have autonomy to define the strategy that drives completion of those goals. Naturally, we’ll be available to provide input, assess results, and reassess strategies, but again, you are the expert - we’re going to rely on that.

One thing is for certain - you will be spending some time team building and managing, as you will have a budget to build a team. So get out that rolodex - we'd love if you brought along a team member or 2! people not use rolodexes anymore? Told you we needed some experience in this area 😉

Hope to hear from you soon!

New York, NY
Job type
Remote ok
No - onsite required
3+ years
Team building
Vitally doesn't use recruiters or agencies. Please don't contact us if you are one of those. You won't get a response.

The perks of working with us

At Vitally, we are lean and mean (actually, we're nice, but that's not how the saying goes).
When we add another team member, we treat that person well.

💸 Competitive salary

Living in NYC isn't cheap, and we want you to enjoy everything this wonderful city has to offer.

📈 Generous equity

We keep things lean, which means we can be quite generous with equity.

✈️ Unlimited paid vacation

NYC's great, but feel free to get away as much as you need.

❤️ Health, dental, & vision insurance

Stay healthy my friend - we want you here for the long haul.

📦 Relocation assistance

If you aren't in NYC yet, we'll help get you here.

🎱 Office space

Our gorgeous space in Dumbo (Brooklyn) comes with plenty of space, shuffleboard, a pool table, and a roof deck.