Let's fight COVID-19 together

If you're a business involved in COVID-19 relief efforts, apply now to get Vitally free until July 31st, 2020*

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Customer health is business health

Vitally makes customer retention easy so you can keep both in good standing.

Want in? Here's how:

  1. Be a B2B SaaS business involved in COVID-19 relief efforts. This includes things like non-profits, education products, and companies offering discounted/free services for COVID-impacted businesses.
  2. Sign up for a demo of Vitally.
  3. Fill out this application.

*Still have questions? We have a few answers

How long will Vitally be free for?

Currently, we're running the program through July 31st, 2020 but that could be extended depending on COVID-19 updates.

What happens after the program is over?

We'll work with you on plans and pricing so you can continue to use Vitally to keep your customers healthy. If you decide it's not a good fit, we'll make it easy for you to cancel.

How will I know if I qualified?

After you've filled out the form, we'll reach out to you with next steps.

Will I have to pay for the free months later?

Absolutely not. The free months are so you can care for your customers and your business.

I thought Customer Success Platforms took a long time to implement. Will I even be able to get this running before the program ends?

Vitally isn't what you think of when you think of a Customer Success Platform. Our customers typically get up and running in days, not months. Even more, we'll be here to help every step of the way.

My company has been impacted by COVID-19. Can I still qualify?

Currently, this program is only for those helping fight COVID-19 or offering their own assistance program for COVID-impacted businesses, but that doesn't mean we can't come up with something together. Please reach out and we'll come up with some flexible options so you can determine if Vitally is a good fit for you.

We already use Vitally. Can we still participate?

This particular program is only for new customers, but we'd love to hear more about your COVID-19 relief efforts. Send us an email at hello@vitally.io and let's see if there's a way we can work together.


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