Customer Dashboard

Your 360° view of every customer, with the most detailed insight into their product usage around.

Rhombus Corp - User EngagementStatusGoodLowNoneAvg Weissman Score 🚀5.2+49%Last 30 DaysNPSCurrent value9.4+25%

Detailed insight into product engagement

Gain an immediate understanding of the customer's current product usage along with the number of licenses that have used your product recently.

Track product onboarding & setup

Leverage our Elements feature to ensure each customer has completed your onboarding and fully implemented your product.

Installeda month agoMicheal BurtonMacbook Proa month agoBrian FrancisiPhone Xa month agoAlan SmithGalaxy S6a month agoMittie SantiagoXiaomi Mi 6xUserDevice21 Pied Piper InstallationsLast installed a month ago

Analyze historical product usage

Dig into each customer's historical product usage and Success Metric values to ensure the customer is on a path to renewal.

1005001/13/19RENEWAL$500MRRRhombus Corp.Active 2 days agoAvg Weissman Score3.5(Aug 7-Aug 14)Percentage of licenses used94%(Jul 15-Aug 14)

View product engagement across users

Drill into product usage at the user level and easily discover individual users that may need some help.