All the KPIs you need to build a growing, successful B2B SaaS company - packaged into a single, beautiful dashboard.

$40K$30K$20K$10K$0JunMayAprMarFebJan40%50%30%20%10%Trial Conversion Rate33%+50%Last 30 DaysNet NewNew Business$2.6K$1K-$400-$800$2.4KExpansionContractionChurnNet New$2.4K+120%

Subscription KPIs

Build a healthy, growing SaaS company

Keep track of all the KPIs needed to ensure your revenue and account growth keeps at a steady pace.

Subscription KPIs tracked include:

  • MRR
  • Number of customers
  • Churn
  • Net new revenue & customers
  • Net churn
  • Expansion & contraction revenue
  • Customer & revenue retention rates

$40K$30K$20K$10K$0JunMayAprMarFebJan4003002001000MRR$19.4K+25%Last 30 DaysCustomers250+50%Last 30 Days

Trial KPIs

Increase your number of qualified & converted trials

Keep track of all the KPIs needed to ensure your trial base continues to grow and net you a positive return.

Trial KPIs tracked include:

  • Converted & unconverted trials
  • New MRR from converted trials
  • Trial conversion rate
  • New qualified and unqualified trials
  • Trial qualification rate

JunMayAprMarFebJanTrial Conversions50250255042 (+$3.2Kin MRR)Converted33UnconvertedFebruary -56%conversion rate

Discover your highest-performing segments

View KPI values for any customer segment to discover the behaviors and traits that result in successful product users and happily-paying customers.

$4K$2K0-$2K-$4KMayAprMarFebJanNet New$2.4K+100%$2.8KNew business$400Expansion-$200Contraction-$600Churn$2.4KNet NewFilter# of usersPlanMRRIs greater thanisIs greater than10Pro100

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