Reporting & Views

Report on customers and trials across any data point and save critical reports for easy access later.

IndicatorsLow NPSšŸ˜ž4Low WeissmanšŸšØ3RisksHigh potential trialšŸ¤‘6OpportunitiesPast End6Ending Soon18In Trial12New Trial4Trial StatusLast seenTrial end date14 minutes agoends on Sep 12in 12 days3 hours agoends on Sep 13in 13 days2 hours agoends on Sep 2in 2 daysa day agoends on Sep 1in a day7 hours agoends on Sep 9in 9 days2 days agoends on Sep 9in 9 daysTrialEngagedEnding SoonTriangle Corp.EngagedNew TrialRhombus Corp.EngagedEnding SoonTrapezoid Corp.EngagedNew TrialPentagon Corp.EngagedIn TrialSquare Corp.EngagedIn TrialOval Corp.CUSTOMERSPied Piper UsagešŸ‘»All CustomersOnboarding progress (for trials)āœ…Onboarding progressāœ…Communication & FeedbackšŸ’¬Errors experiencedšŸšØCREATE NEW VIEWView all Customers & build new viewsDefaultPied Piper UsagešŸ‘»

Quick access to practically any customer trait

Every customer trait can be easily viewed and queried - including custom KPIs, MRR, total product events, and any trait you send us.

Search for a columnEnriched traitsAccount ownerIndicatorsSegmentsEventsSuccess MetricsYour traitsElementsOur traitsCOLUMN GROUPSTRAITSCSMFirst seenElement usedLast seenUsersActive User PercentSUBSCRIPTION DETAILSMRRTrial qualification scoreNext renewal dateTrial end dateDisplayed ColumnsAll Columns

Fast & flexible reporting

Leverage our powerful reporting capabilities to segment customers across any data point and for any need.

Active User %>3020%Users7020%PlanProAnnual Revenue>$3M9%Trapezoid Corp.Active User %60%Users25PlanProAnnual Revenue$12MPolygon CorpFiltersActive User %Slack integrationAnnual RevenueIs greater thanisIs greater than50Enabled8000000

Advanced segmentation

Save any combination of filters as segments to easily revisit common customer groups later.

MRR is greater than $250ANDLicenses used is greater than 80%ANDTags contain B2BB2B120Expansions17Poorly implemented31No recent communication8SEGMENTS

Easily revisit your most critical reports

Views allow you to customize the data displayed for your customers and create shareable reports that satisfy any business need.

Users:50Active User % :87%MRR : $150Polygon Corp.Renewal Date : Jan 17, 201811 days agoUsers:60MRR : $250Active User % :100%Oval Corp.Renewal Date : Jan 28, 20187 days agoSAVE VIEWCustomer in onboardingOnboardingnot completed7FilterIndicatorsFirst seenRisksis less than30days ago

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