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Report on customers and trials across almost any data point and save critical reports for easy access later.

IndicatorsLow NPS😞4Low Weissman🚨3RisksHigh potential trial🤑6OpportunitiesPast End6Ending Soon18In Trial12New Trial4Trial StatusLast seenTrial end date14 minutes agoends on Sep 12in 12 days3 hours agoends on Sep 13in 13 days2 hours agoends on Sep 2in 2 daysa day agoends on Sep 1in a day7 hours agoends on Sep 9in 9 days2 days agoends on Sep 9in 9 daysTrialEngagedEnding SoonTriangle Corp.EngagedNew TrialRhombus Corp.EngagedEnding SoonTrapezoid Corp.EngagedNew TrialPentagon Corp.EngagedIn TrialSquare Corp.EngagedIn TrialOval Corp.CUSTOMERSPied Piper Usage👻All CustomersOnboarding progress (for trials)Onboarding progressCommunication & Feedback💬Errors experienced🚨CREATE NEW VIEWView all Customers & build new viewsDefaultPied Piper Usage👻

Quick access to practically any customer trait

Every customer trait can be easily viewed and queried - including custom KPIs, MRR, total product events, and any trait you send us.

Search for a columnTraitsCSMFirst seenLast seenUsersActive User PercentElement usedSubscription DetailsMRRNext renewal dateChurn dateTrial end dateDisplayedLast seenAvg Weissman ScoreAvg Compression RatioMRRPiedPiperCoin AcquiredStorage Available (gb)Next renewal dateData Uploaded (kb)Our traitsYour traitsEvents

Fast & flexible reporting

Leverage our powerful reporting capabilities to segment customers across any data point and for any need.

Active User %>3020%Users7020%PlanFreeAnnual Revenue>$3M9%Trapezoid Corp.Active User %60%Users25PlanFreeAnnual Revenue$12MPolygon CorpFiltersActive User %PlanAnnual RevenueIs greater thanisIs greater than50Free8000000

Default segmentation

Vitally automatically segments customers based on their engagement with your product and subscription status.

Paid (New)$3.2KSubscribed$14.07KRenewing Soon$4.1KPast Due$0SubscriptionEngaged$10.2KReturned$4.7KLosing Interest$4.1KUnengaged$2KProduct Engagement

Easily revisit your most critical reports

Views allow you to customize our reporting engine and create shareable reports that satisfy any business need.

Users:50Active User % :87%MRR : $150Polygon Corp.Renewal Date : Jan 17, 201811 days agoUsers:60MRR : $250Active User % :100%Oval Corp.Renewal Date : Jan 28, 20187 days agoSAVE VIEWCustomer in onboardingOnboardingnot completed7FilterIndicatorsFirst seenRisksis less than30days ago

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