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Auto-organize customers across dozens of data points and compare MRR, churn, product usage, and more across segments.

7E7CB7Last seen14 minutes ago3 hours ago2 hours agoa day ago7 hours ago2 days agoAccountEngagedExpansionsTriangle Corp.B2BExpansionsRhombus Corp.EngagedExpansionsTrapezoid Corp.EngagedExpansionsPentagon Corp.EngagedExpansionsSquare Corp.EngagedExpansionsOval Corp.Net NewB2BExpansionsNew Business$2.6K$1K-$400-$800$2.4KExpansionContractionChurnNet New$2.4K+120%B2B120Expansions17Poorly implemented31No recent communication8SEGMENTS

Segment by any data point

Segment your customers across hundreds of data points - industry, location, product usage, revenue, or any other data point you send us.

Potential B2B ExpansionsMRRhas not increased over the last30 daysANDLicenses usedis greater than80%ANDTagscontainB2B

Follow the growth & success of your segments

Access each segment's MRR, expansion revenue, churn rate, trial conversions, and more with a single click.

$40K$30K$20K$10K$0JunMayAprMarFeb100%95%90%85%80%MRR$19.4K+25%Last 30 DaysRetention Rate93%+50%Last 30 DaysB2B$21.2KExpansions$11.9KPoorly implemented$2KNo recent communication$1.5KSEGMENTS

Analyze product usage across segments

Discover the segments most engaged with your product or those in need of some assistance with our powerful product analytics and reporting.

DisabledNever enabledCurrently enabledSubscibedTrialSlack IntegrationB2B SaaS Accounts23Subscribed7TrialCurrently enabled

Unlock unlimited insights into your segments

With our powerful rules engine and navigation, you can access any data for any customer segment in less time than it took you to read this sentence 🚀

$40K$30K$20K$10K$0$20K$10K$0B2B Customers$39.4Kin MRRB2C Customers$30.1Kin MRR$3K in recent churnPoorly implementedMRRUsersIntegrations0 enabled$1506Polygon Corp.MRRUsersIntegrations1 enabled$50010Square Corp.$12K in upcoming renewalsMRRStatusActive User %Last login date$300EngagedFew minutes ago85%Rhombus Corp.MRRStatusActive User %Last login date$200Losting Interest2 weeks ago25%Trapezoid Corp.B2B Enterprise Accounts

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