Success Metrics

Custom KPIs defined using the data you feed into Vitally and calculated for each of your customers.

Active usersMeasured over the past 30 daysNUMERATORCurrent value of a customer traitDENOMINATORPlan LicensesCUSTOMER TRAIT

Measure custom KPIs across customers

Use our simple equation builder to measure custom metrics that ensure every customer experiences recurring value from your product.

92%80%52%54%EngagedPaid (New)Rhombus Corp.EngagedPaidTrapezoid Corp.EngagedPaidPentagon Corp.EngagedRenewing soonSquare Corp.60%46%3.7%7,8%8.9%15%2,7%3.6%EngagedPaidRhombus Corp.EngagedPaid (New)Square Corp.CustomerPercentage of licenses usedActive UsersPlan LicensesPercentage oflicenses used

Analyze historical trends in KPI performance

Ensure customers are trending in the right direction with engaging graphs showing a customer’s historical performance across each metric.

1005001/13/19RENEWAL$500MRRRhombus Corp.Active 2 days agoAvg Weissman Score3.5(Aug 7-Aug 14)Percentage of licenses used94%(Jul 15-Aug 14)

Setup alerts for critical Success Metric thresholds

Leverage our Indicators feature to alert your team of concerning or opportunistic Success Metric values.

14 minutes agoends on Sep 12in 12 days3 hours agoends on Sep 13in 13 days2 hours agoends on Sep 2in 2 days7 hours agoends on Sep 9in 9 daysEngagedNew TrialRhombus Corp.EngagedEnding SoonTrapezoid Corp.EngagedNew TrialPentagon Corp.EngagedIn TrialSquare Corp.3 hours agoends on Sep 13in 13 days7 hours agoends on Sep 9in 9 daysEngagedNew TrialRhombus Corp.EngagedIn TrialSquare Corp.Active for 20 hours (Since Aug 08)Richard HendricksASSIGNED TO :Low NPS

Analyze Success Metric values across customer sets

Understand average Success Metric performance and easily locate accounts that need improvement.

25% to 49%Percentage of licenses used50% to 74%75% to 100%50% to 74%Subscribed8Trial4

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