Trial Enrichment & Qualification

Qualify your trials in real-time with custom scoring and our Clearbit integration.

Rhombus a New Trial OpportunityCapital Raised> $5MTagsiosSegmentB2BSAASTechOpportunityTrial QualificationMinimum qualification scoreof 42RULESTagsContainsB2BTagsContainsSAASTechContainsSegmentCapital Raisedis greater than$1M

Enrich your trials

Enable our Clearbit integration and enrich your account profiles with over 85 unique data points like capital raised, technology used, estimated annual revenue, and more.

Estimated annual revenue (range)$50M-$100M$305.21MCapital RaisedInternet, Cloud Services, B2B, SAAS,Technology,Information Technology & Services,EnterpricesCapital RaisedEnding SoonEngagedTrapezoid Corp.Estimated annual revenue (range)$50M-$100M$305.21MCapital RaisedInternet, Cloud Services, B2B, SAAS,Technology,Information Technology & Services,EnterpricesTagsNew TrialLosing Inter…Square Corp.Estimated annual revenue (range)$1M-$10M$3MCapital RaisedSAAS, B2B, Technology,Information Technology & Services,TechnologyTagsIn TrialEngagedRhombus Corp.

Qualify your trials

Better focus your efforts on new trials more likely to convert by defining custom qualification rules that separate your target market from individuals simply passing by.

Last seenTrial end dateTrial qualificationscoreElementsusedEnabled/disabled stateSlack Integration14 minutes agoends on Sep 12in 12 days75%(of 8)43 hours agoends on Sep 13in 13 days75%(of 8)12 hours agoends on Sep 2in 2 days(of 8)7a day agoends on Sep 1in a day75%(of 8)37 hours agoends on Sep 9in 9 days50%(of 8)02 days agoends on Sep 9in 9 days50%(of 8)42 days agoends on Sep 8in 8 days50%(of 8)73 days agoends on Sep 10in 10 days75%(of 8)83 days agoends on Sep 12in 12 days100%(of 8)43 days agoends on Sep 2in 2 days50%(of 8)15 days agoends on Sep 3in 3 days75%(of 8)2TrialEngagedEnding SoonTriangle Corp.EngagedNew TrialRhombus Corp.EngagedEnding SoonTrapezoid Corp.EngagedNew TrialPentagon Corp.EngagedIn TrialSquare Corp.EngagedIn TrialOval Corp.EngagedIn TrialRectangle Corp.EngagedNew TrialRhombus Corp.EngagedNew TrialTrapezoid Corp.EngagedEnding SoonPentagon Corp.EngagedEnding SoonSquare Corp.100%Qualified trials must have a score>= 50%Satisfied :TagsContainsB2BTagsContainsSAASTechContainsSegmentCapital Raisedis greater than$1M

Improve your trial qualification rate

Leverage our HQ product to gain insight into your ratio of qualified vs unqualified trials and how that rate changes over time.

806040200JunMeyAprMarFebJan100%75%50%25%0%Qualified trials40+36%Last 30 DaysTrial Qualification Rate65%+19%Last 30 Days

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