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Product analytics built for B2B startups

Get more out of your current analytics service with features to help B2B companies ensure product success at every customer.

Product analytics

Product insights better suited for B2B companies

Vitally integrates with popular analytics tools and organizes your data underneath the account each user belongs to. In a matter of minutes, you’ll have detailed insight into product adoption and engagement across each customer’s user base.

Success Metrics

Define custom metrics specific to your product

Measuring complex product metrics across customers often requires significant engineering effort. With Vitally, anyone on your team - from engineering to sales to the C-suite - can define and measure custom success metrics that ensure every customer is successfully using your product.

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Customer insights

Detailed insight into each customer and user

Every customer in Vitally comes with a dashboard where you can dig into current and historical product usage trends. You can also take notes, view individual user activity, assign a CSM, and more.

Week 14User EngagementMARCH 1857% of users activeStatusGoodLowNone

Build a culture of Customer Success from day one

Help your entire team keep a pulse on your customers with reports and alerts that help you target your proactive outreach efforts.


Flag struggling customers and churn risks

Customers become potential churn risks for many reasons - they fail to setup the product correctly, they overlook certain features, or they just stop logging in. Risk indicators help ensure you identify every customer that might need help.

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Identify your best revenue opportunities

B2B SaaS companies on a self-service model can see hundreds of new trials each week, ranging from random testers to actual decision makers at established companies. Automatically detect high potential prospects with Opportunity indicators and our Clearbit integration.

Rhombus a New Expansion OpportunityAnnual Revenue> $5MPricing PlanTrialActive Users>5Assigned to+ Add teammateOpportunity>$5MOpportunityAnnual Revenue


Report across any segment of customers

Vitally gives you the ability to quickly filter your customers across any data point, including current Success Metric values, MRR, subscription renewal dates, enriched traits (from Clearbit), and any other data point you send us.

Our new KPI histograms help you better analyze product usage at a high level and locate accounts that need improvement.

Polygon CorpActive User %52%20%Users7020%PlanFreeAnnual Revenue$12M9%Trapezoid Corp.Active User %73%10%Users5510%PlanFreeAnnual Revenue$9M18%FilterActive User %PlanAnnual RevenueIs greater thanisIs greater than50Free8000000


Create & share reports to fit any need

Our robust filtering capabilities will likely result in reports you'll want to revisit and share with others. Views allow you to customize our reporting engine and create shareable reports that satisfy any business need.

Onboarding not completed7FilterIndicatorsFirst seenRisksis less than30days agoUsers: 50Active User %: 87%MRR : $150Polygon Corp.Renewal Date : Jan 17, 201811 days agoUsers: 60MRR : $250Active User %: 100%Oval Corp.Renewal Date : Jan 28, 20187 days agoSAVE VIEWCustomer in onboarding

Reports + integrations

Share our insights with your entire team

Customer Success is a shared responsibility, and we embrace that with unlimited licenses for all accounts. Our email reports and integrations ensure your team remains updated on the most critical ongoings with your customers.

Visa is now a churn riskYou have 5 new expansion opportunities

Measure and optimize every stage in the customer journey

From new trials to the unfortunate churn, learn where your revenue is concentrated and how much of it might be at-risk.

Revenue tracking

Keep track of your total & at-risk revenue

We don’t stop at simply reporting on your customers’ product usage - we also support tracking each customer’s subscription details. With product and revenue data in one place, you can now get the clearest picture possible of how much revenue is at-risk every month.

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Measure the success of your trials

Easily locate your highest-value trials and give your future customers the attention they deserve from day one. Set them on a path to conversion by ensuring they experience the full value of your product before their trial ends.

TRIALS CONVERTED20%New trialsIn trialEnding trials72112In Trial


Ensure customers are fully onboarded

The customer most likely to succeed is one that has setup the product properly and experienced its full suite of features. Elements help you understand how customers have configured your product, so you can ensure each implementation is setup for success.

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Renewals + churn

Locate upcoming renewals and learn from churn

As each subscription approaches an end, the customer has a choice - to renew or to cancel. Vitally gives you all the tools you need to build long-lived relationships and learn from the occasional churn.

$3K in recent churnMRRElements usedIntegrations0 enabled$1503Polygon Corp.MRRElements usedIntegrations1 enabled$5002Square Corp.Recent churn$12K in upcoming renewalsMRRStatusActive User %Last login$300EngagedFew minutes ago85%Rhombus Corp.MRRStatusActive User %Last login$200Losting Interest2 weeks ago25%Trapezoid Corp.Upcoming renewal

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