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Fuel your growth efforts with Customer Success data

Powerful analytics & insights to discover your best-performing market segments and ideal case studies.

Net NewNew Business$2.6K$1K-$400-$800$2.4KExpansionContractionChurnNet New$2.4K+120%Clearbit tagscontainsB2BSlack integrationisenabledMRR>$100ANDANDFILTERS

Make data-driven marketing decisions

Favor data over bias. Leverage Vitally to ensure the data confirms the features you promote and segments you target are indeed those that perform the best within your customer base.

$40K$30K$20K$10K$0200150$20K$10K$0MRR$21.4K+19%Last 30 DaysCustomers248+19%Last 30 Days$3K in recent churnMRRUsersIntegrations0 enabled$1506Polygon Corp.MRRUsersIntegrations1 enabled$50010Square Corp.Recent churn$12K in upcoming renewalsMRRStatusActive User %Last login date$300EngagedFew minutes ago85%Rhombus Corp.MRRStatusActive User %Last login date$200Losting Interest2 weeks ago25%Trapezoid Corp.Upcoming renewal

Fuel funnel growth with powerful analytics

The intersection of product usage, revenue, and market data contains the secrets to rapid growth. Vitally not only unifies those data sets but can also segment your SaaS KPIs across any combination of data points. Within seconds, you’ll have clear insight into the best-performing segments to double-down on in your marketing efforts.

$4K$2K0-$2K-$4KJunMayAprMarFebJanNet New$2.4K+100%$2.8K25.3%New business$40010.3%Expansion-$20015.7%Contraction-$60025.3%Churn$2.4K100%Net NewClearbit tagscontainsB2BSlack integrationisenabledMRR>$100ANDANDFILTERS

Discover your next case study

Promoting your customers’ success helps fuel your own growth. Vitally’s powerful reporting and analytics give you fingertip access to the accounts and users to build your next case study around.

Rhombus Corp - User EngagementStatusGoodLowNoneAvg Weissman Score 🚀5.2+49%Last 30 DaysNPSCurrent value9.4+25%

Access our data anywhere

While we’d love to see you in Vitally every day, we understand you use other tools. Leverage our two-way Segment integration to push our enriched customer data into your marketing tools. As long as you can access our data when & where you need it, we’ll be happy 😉

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