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Auto-identify qualified vs unqualified trials + PQLs and setup alerts for your next enterprise customer.

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Qualify your trials in real time

Not all trials are equal, especially those started with simply an email. Leverage our trial qualification feature to auto-score every trial based on their fit in your target market. Best part - we don’t charge you for unqualified trials 🎁

Last seenTrial end dateTrial qualification scoreElements usedEnabled/disabled stateSlack IntegrationCapital Raised14 minutes agoends on Sep 12in 12 days75%(of 8)43 hours agoends on Sep 13in 13 days75%(of 8)12 hours agoends on Sep 2in 2 days(of 8)7a day agoends on Sep 1in a day75%(of 8)37 hours agoends on Sep 9in 9 days50%(of 8)02 days agoends on Sep 9in 9 days50%(of 8)42 days agoends on Sep 8in 8 days50%(of 8)73 days agoends on Sep 10in 10 days75%(of 8)83 days agoends on Sep 12in 12 days100%(of 8)43 days agoends on Sep 2in 2 days50%(of 8)15 days agoends on Sep 3in 3 days75%(of 8)27 days agoends on Sep 7in 7 days75%(of 8)410 days agoends on Sep 8in 8 days50%(of 8)620 days agoends on Sep 3in 3 days75%(of 8)8$1.6M$5.5M$25M$1.5M$1.2M$2.8M$5.8M$15M$7.3M$2.2M$3.8M$1.4M$13.7M$6.1MTrialEngagedEnding SoonTriangle Corp.EngagedIn TrialTriangle Corp.EngagedNew TrialRhombus Corp.EngagedEnding SoonTrapezoid Corp.EngagedNew TrialPentagon Corp.EngagedIn TrialSquare Corp.EngagedIn TrialOval Corp.EngagedIn TrialRectangle Corp.EngagedNew TrialRhombus Corp.EngagedNew TrialTrapezoid Corp.EngagedEnding SoonPentagon Corp.EngagedEnding SoonSquare Corp.Losing InterestIn TrialOval Corp.Losing InterestEnding SoonRectangle Corp.100%Qualified trials must have a score >= 50%Satisfied:TagsContainsB2BTagsContainsSAASCapital Raisedis greater than$1M

Alerts for your next enterprise contract

Don’t let your next big close slip by. Leverage our Clearbit integration paired with our opportunity alerts to auto-detect new trials that should be nurtured from day 1.

Estimated annual revenue (range)$50M-$100M$305.21MCapital RaisedInternet, Cloud Services, B2B, SAAS,Technology,Information Technology & Services,EnterpricesCapital RaisedEnding SoonEngagedTrapezoid Corp.Estimated annual revenue (range)$50M-$100M$305.21MCapital RaisedInternet, Cloud Services, B2B, SAAS,Technology,Information Technology & Services,EnterpricesTagsNew TrialLosing Inter…Square Corp.Estimated annual revenue (range)$1M-$10M$3MCapital RaisedSAAS, B2B, Technology,Information Technology & Services,TechnologyTagsIn TrialEngagedRhombus Corp.

Automatically identify your PQLs

The clearest signal of buying intent - proper and consistent product usage. Vitally gives you a wealth of tools to easily track the product behaviors that signal an intent to purchase alongside automated workflows to auto-alert you of new PQLs.

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Nurture critical relationships from day 1

Enterprise customers are used to a white-glove experience. Show them your service is second to none with automated workflows that deliver personalized emails straight to the user’s primary inbox at the exact right times.

Just wanted to quickly introduce myself - I’m , your dedicated CSM here at Vitally. I’m here to help however I can. If you have questions, I have the answers, so please don’t hesitate to reach out!CSMHey,user.firstNameMESSAGE:SUBJECT:A warm welcome for account.nameFROM:Jamie DavidsonTO:Jared DunnxRichard HendricksxEnterprise WelcomeACTIONSend the Enterprise Welcome template from the CSM to the account owner.ANDRULESClearbit Tags contains B2BEstimated ARR >= $10M

Fuel funnel growth with powerful analytics

The intersection of product usage, revenue, and market data contains the secrets to rapid growth. Vitally not only unifies those data sets but can also segment your SaaS KPIs across any combination of data points. Within seconds, you’ll have clear insight into the best-performing segments to double-down on.

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Automatic alerts for your next expansion

Expansion revenue can make or break a company. Vitally’s powerful product and subscription insights paired with our automation ensure you never miss another expansion or upsell opportunity.

Annual revenue is greater than $1M OR Capital Raised is greater than $10MTrialsHigh potential trialOpportunityLicenses used is greater than 90% AND Next renewal date is less than 30 days awayCustomersExpansion alertOpportunity

Keep your most prized customers on the right path

The easiest renewal discussions occur when the customer has clearly received value from your product recently. Vitally’s 360° profiles and alerts help you keep a close eye on your most prized customers and ensure they stay on a path toward renewal.

1005001/13/19RENEWAL$500MRRRhombus Corp.Active 2 days agoAvg Weissman Score3.5(Aug 7-Aug 14)Percentage of licenses used94%(Jul 15-Aug 14)

Access our data anywhere

While we’d love to see you in Vitally every day, we understand you use other tools. Leverage our two-way Segment integration to push our enriched customer data into your CRM. As long as you can access our data when & where you need it, we’ll be happy 😉

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