Analytics & insights to drive B2B startup success

Vitally provides your B2B startup with the metrics and insights necessary to achieve rapid growth, reduce churn, and build wildly successful customers.

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Measure product usage and custom KPIs for every customer

No matter if your average deployment is to 5 or 5,000 users, Vitally provides the insights necessary to ensure every account experiences recurring value from your product.

  • Get setup in minutes: Just plug in your Segment or Mixpanel account - we’ll take it from there!
  • Understand product usage at the account level: Vitally organizes your data at the account and user level so you can understand the true product value experienced by the customer.
  • Track custom KPIs: Define custom metrics that ensure every customer experiences the full value of your product.
  • Analyze user behavior: Dig into individual usage and see how specific users are using your product.
Trapezoid Corp. Users 7 30% Active User % 15 % 30% Last seen 15 days ago Tasks created per user 2 28% Rhombus : Trapezoid : Opportunity Risk Rhombus Corp. Users 30 15% Active User % 50 % 15% Last seen a few minutes ago Tasks created per user 27 22%

Startup Customer Success Available now

Reporting and alerts to ensure customer success

Discover your high-value opportunities and churn risks with ease and push that data to the tools your team already uses.

  • Find churn risks: Setup alerts to flag customers as at-risk the moment they struggle with or stop using your product.
  • Identify revenue opportunities: Combine our enriched fields and product insights to automatically flag expansion or upsell opportunities.
  • Flexible, fast reporting: Filter customers by product engagement, traits, active opportunities, churn risks, and more.
  • Access our data anywhere: Get beautiful reports delivered to your inbox or leverage our Zapier integration to enrich Salesforce or Intercom records.
  • Invite your entire team: Get every teammate invested in Customer Success - we'll never price on licenses.
Trapezoid Corp. is slipping away Contract value > $1000 < 10% Active User % No New Questions for 15 days Risk Rhombus Corp. is a new Expansion Opportunity Annual Revenue > $5M Pricing Plan Trial Active Users >5 Opportunity Your Vitally Recap for Feb 1 New Customers New Risks New Opportunities 27 5 2

Revenue + Lifecycle Insights Coming soon

Track every stage in the customer lifecycle

From trial to onboarding to renewal, Vitally helps your team answer the most critical questions for each stage in your customer journey.

  • Analyze revenue at, and across, customers: Track changes in a customer's MRR, see how much revenue is at-risk, and calculate total revenue across any customer segment.
  • Track onboarding progress: Ensure customers setup your product correctly and experience its most critical features.
  • Measure trial conversion: Easily locate customers in a trial and determine their revenue potential with our enrichment process.
  • Get ahead of renewal: Whether your subscriptions are monthly or yearly, make sure customers nearing renewal are actively using your product.
  • Measure churn: Unfortunately, churn happens. Vitally’s insights help you understand why customers churned so you can avoid repeat scenarios.
Onboarding In Onboarding 25% Teammate invited 75% Integration configured 15% Project created 20% STEPS Ending trials 12 New trials 7 In trial 21 Trials $3K MRR from 10 customers LAST 30 DAYS Churn Risk Status : Revenue upcoming renewal: $27K $7K Renewal

Customer Segmentation Coming soon

Find your product market fit

With revenue and product engagement insights in the same place, Vitally helps you discover the commonalities that lead to passionate, and paying, product champions.

  • Segment customers: Automatically organize customers by any data point in Vitally to easily track product engagement and revenue for each segment.
  • Build and share compelling reports: Customize every aspect of Vitally’s reporting capabilities to create real-time, shareable reports that satisfy any business need.
S.C SMB Customers # of employees < 500 Customers 272 Active MRR $23K Churned MRR $3K Percentage engaged 80% E.C Enterprise Customers # of employees >= 500 Customers 25 Active MRR $72K Churned MRR $45K Percentage engaged 40%

Join our (free) open beta

B2B product analytics + reporting features are available for free during our open beta. Beta users also get first access to our upcoming revenue and segmentation features.