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convert more qualified trials

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track product onboarding

improve feature usage

detect and reduce potential churn

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Customer Success

Create & retain more successful customers

Want to tackle potential churn head on? Our product insights, combined with powerful metrics and alerts, help you ensure the features that make your product unique are continuously utilized by your customers.

  • View account & user-level product usage
  • Track onboarding & feature usage
  • Measure custom KPIs
  • Expansion & churn risk alerts
  • Assign CSMs & take notes
  • Create custom customer reports
JanuaryUser EngagementStatusGoodLowNoneLow userengagement7FilterIndicatorsNext renewalRisksis less than10days from nowUsers:50Active User %:45%MRR: $150Polygon Corp.Renewal Date: Jan 21, 2018Seen 11 days agoUsers:60MRR: $250Active User %:30%Oval Corp.Renewal Date: Jan 28, 2018Seen 7 days agoSAVE VIEWLow engagement renewals

Trial Success

Convert more successful trials

Tools and analytics to help you better target qualified trials and ensure their product adoption sets them on a path to purchase.

  • Real-time qualification scoring
  • High-value opportunity alerts
  • Profile enrichment via Clearbit
  • Track onboarding & feature usage
  • Create custom trial reports
  • KPI dashboards & email updates
Trial Conversion Rate:37%Rhombus a New Qualified OpportunityAnnual Revenue> $5MTagsB2BSaaSUsers>5Assigned to+Add TeammateOpportunity

Subscription Analytics

Grow your MRR & reduce churn

Tired of needing multiple tools just to analyze product adoption and MRR? Vitally unifies your product usage & subscription data so you can track revenue growth alongside product success.

  • Track customer MRR & renewal dates
  • MRR reporting across any customer segment
  • Track total at-risk revenue
  • Analyze expansion & contraction revenue
  • Assess retention & churn rates
  • KPI dashboards & email updates
$40K$30K$20K$10K$0200150$20K$10K$0MRR$21.4K+19%Last 30 DaysCustomers248+19%Last 30 Days$3K in recent churnMRRUsersIntegrations0 enabled$1506Polygon Corp.MRRUsersIntegrations1 enabled$50010Square Corp.Recent churn$12K in upcoming renewalsMRRStatusActive User %Last login date$300EngagedFew minutes ago85%Rhombus Corp.MRRStatusActive User %Last login date$200Losting Interest2 weeks ago25%Trapezoid Corp.Upcoming renewal

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Vitally is awesome! We've tried several other tools, but Vitally is the most flexible and the easiest to setup. We were up and running in days. Our team loves it!

Peter Swaniker
Peter SwanikerCEO at Ximble

Loving Vitally - setup was super simple! It allows us to easily figure out which of our trialing customers should be given more attention to get them over the line.

Chris Duell
Chris DuellCEO at elevio

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