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Vitally powers the Customer Success efforts for some of the fastest-growing B2B SaaS companies around.

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Create, grow, and retain more successful customers

Your customers vastly outnumber your Customer Success team. You need a Customer Success platform built with that scale in mind. Meet Vitally.


Unify your customer data

Constantly switching tabs is tiresome. Aggregate every touchpoint customers have with your business and product into a single, beautiful 360° profile.


Track & segment the customer journey

The more you grow, the more essential customer segmentation becomes. Auto-segment your trials and customers into their lifecycle stage while building custom segments across any data point.

Users: 50Active User %: 87%MRR : $150Polygon Corp.Renewal Date : Jan 17, 201811 days agoUsers: 60MRR : $250Active User %: 100%Oval Corp.Renewal Date : Jan 28, 20187 days agoSAVE VIEWCustomers in onboardingOnboarding not completed7FilterIndicatorsFirst seenRisksis less than30days agoRenewing soon120Poorly implemented31Expansions17SEGMENTSSubscribed254Trial17ACCOUNT TYPE


Prove your success

It’s hard to improve what you don’t measure. Build custom dashboards across any data point and analyze the KPIs that drive your business's, and customers', success.

$40K$30K$20K$10K$0200150$20K$10K$0MRR$21.4K+19%Last 30 DaysCustomers248+19%Last 30 Days$3K in recent churnMRRUsersIntegrations0 enabled$1506Polygon Corp.MRRUsersIntegrations1 enabled$50010Square Corp.Recent churn$12K in upcoming renewalsMRRStatusActive User %Last login date$300EngagedFew minutes ago85%Rhombus Corp.MRRStatusActive User %Last login date$200Losting Interest2 weeks ago25%Trapezoid Corp.Upcoming renewal


Automate workflows

Fire churn risk or opportunity alerts, auto-assign CSMs, create tasks, and even auto-send NPS surveys. Vitally’s automated Playbooks help a single Customer Success manager do the work of 100.

ACTIONAssign Richard Hendricks to be the CSMACTIONCreate a task to Check in on renewing account for the account’s CSMANDRULESBilling frequency is equal to AnnualNext renewal is less than 30 days away


Follow your customers' health

No two B2B SaaS products are the same. Create custom health scores and metrics that ensure your customers continuously experience your unique value.

10050Rhombus Corp.Active 2 days agoHealth: 8.3Avg Weissman Score3.5(Aug 7-Aug 14)Percentage of licenses used94%(Jul 15-Aug 14)


Capture and analyze feedback

NPS solutions weren't built for B2B...until now. Introducing NPS for Customer Success - gather feedback, send targeted surveys, and analyze satisfaction across a business’s users.

JunMayAprMarFebJanNPS per account100755025045 accountsWorld Class10 accountsPoor18 accountsGood20 accountsExcellentFebruaryYour app is awesome! Keep up the great work :)9


Personalized customer engagement, at scale

Striking the perfect balance of manual vs. automated customer engagement can be difficult. Create rules to auto-schedule conversations at the right times and make manual edits when further personalization is needed.

Just wanted to quickly introduce myself - I’m , your new CSM here at Vitally. I wanted to reach out and see if we could discuss your requirements for the next few months? Hope to chat soon!CSMHey,user.firstNameMESSAGE:SUBJECT:It’s QBR time at account.nameFROM:Jamie DavidsonCSMTO:Jared DunnxRichard HendricksxQuarterly check-inStarting in 2 daysACTIONSend the Quarterly check-in template from the CSM to users where:isAdminequalstrueANDRULESBilling frequency equals AnnualLast renewal is 90+ days away


Take exceptional care of key logos

Outline strategies to ensure success of your most critical customers and track progress as your team implements those strategies.

Trusted by leaders at fast-growing B2B companies

We're powering growth and retention efforts for some exceptional customers.

With Vitally, we're able to identify churn risks 5x faster than before. That leads us to double our revenue retention. If you're thinking about switching, it's a complete no brainer.

Romain Lapeyre
Romain LapeyreCEO at Gorgias

We've discovered SO MUCH about our customers and our book of business which would have been impossible to uncover before. I'm constantly thinking, "God, I wish I'd had this at every job I've ever had in CS."

Diana Stegall
Diana StegallCustomer Engagement Manager at Productboard

Loving Vitally - setup was super simple! It allows us to easily figure out which of our trialing customers should be given more attention to get them over the line.

Chris Duell
Chris DuellCEO at elevio

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