Health Scores

Follow your customers' health

Health scores that strike the perfect balance between simplicity, flexibility, and power 💪

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Define multiple health scores

The customer journey is complex, and often, a single health score doesn't cut it. Track multiple health scores at your accounts to gain clear visibility into a customer's success across multiple areas.

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Follow the overall health of your customers

Track an account's overall health score using a weighted average of each individual health score you create. You'll be able to segment customers, fire alarms, and build playbooks using both overall health and individual scores.

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Customize scores for different customer segments

Customer health often prioritizes different factors based on product subscription or lifecycle stage. Ensure your health scores are perfectly accurate by defining different health equations for specific customer segments.


Analyze health trends across segments

Want to know how one CSM's portfolio compares to another? Or maybe analyze health trends for your highest-paying customers, those renewing soon, or those with access to certain features? Easily dig into the historical performance of any customer segment with our powerful health dashboards.

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