NPS Surveys & Analytics

NPS rebuilt for Customer Success

Gathering feedback from your customers is a critical component of Customer Success. Vitally’s NPS for B2B SaaS is NPS rebuilt for Customer Success - gather feedback, send targeted surveys, and analyze satisfaction across a business’s users.

How NPS for B2B SaaS works

In a matter of minutes, you'll be able to track and analyze your Net Promoter Score® - overall and at each business.


Install in minutes

Install our Javascript snippet, identify the logged-in user & business, and configure when users should be surveyed. We’ll take it from there.


Survey all customers or specific segments

Want to survey specific businesses at specific times? Setup rules that define behaviors or conditions customers must exhibit before being surveyed.

Show users at matching accounts an NPS surveyUpcoming Annual RenewalsBilling frequency is equal to AnnualANDNext renewal is less than 30 days away


Analyze responses + scores at each business

Track your overall NPS in real-time, search feedback, compare NPS across business segments, and even alert your team of concerning NPS scores.

JunMayAprMarFebJanNPS per account100755025045 accountsWorld Class10 accountsPoor18 accountsGood20 accountsExcellentFebruary


Auto-detect churn risks

Certain feedback should always be acted on. Configure alerts that fire when an account's owner is less than happy with your product.

RiskOval Corp.3 days agoRiskTriangle Corp.7 days agoRiskTrapezoid Corp.9 days agoRiskPolygon Corp.11 days agoAccount owner’s last NPS score is less than 7Account owner is DetractorActive for 17 daysAccount owner is DetractorLess than 25% ofusers active104Risk

Supercharge your Customer Success

Integrate the rest of your data into Vitally to get a full picture of customer happiness. From product usage to payment data to conversations, Vitally provides powerful analytics, alerts, and workflows across your unified customer data.