Product Analytics

Build successful product users

Customer success starts with product success. Analyze every interaction users have with your product and create custom metrics to measure your unique value.

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Integrate in minutes

It should take minutes to test out new products - not weeks. Leverage our one-click integrations to popular product analytics tools, or send product events directly to us using our Javascript API.

Analyze every feature

Customers renew when they experience recurring product value. Analyze every interaction users have with your product and ensure product usage trends in the right direction.

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Track product setup

Some product interactions are more important than others. Identify events sent during onboarding to ensure each implementation is configured for success.

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Measure custom KPIs

Your product is unique. Create custom success metrics that ensure every customer continuously experiences your unique value. (New)Rhombus Corp.EngagedPaidTrapezoid Corp.EngagedPaidPentagon Corp.EngagedRenewing soonSquare Corp.,8%8.9%15%2,7%3.6%EngagedPaidRhombus Corp.EngagedPaid (New)Square Corp.CustomerAvg. messages per userTotal messages sent# of account usersAvg messages per user

Learn from churn

When churn happens, it’s important to understand why. Analyze product usage at your churned customers to discover gaps in their experience for future customers to avoid.

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