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Recipes for Retention

The Power Of Positive Onboarding Friction

Customer Management

The goal of user onboarding is not to get the user to experience your product as quickly as possible. It’s to help them adopt new product habits, understand the full value of your product, and keep coming back for more. Habit-formation requires some 'friction.'


Retention Isn’t Just Maintaining The Status Quo, It’s The Key Growth

Customer Management

Yes, every business wants a steady stream of new customers -- but how often does driving new business come at the expense of client retention?  In reality, client retention is the foundation of growth.


Mitigate early churn with this Customer Success Plan template

CS Leadership

How many times have you won a deal only to realize that your new customer doesn't have the bandwidth or resources to get the proper value from it? Rather than waiting until customers are weighed down with blockers, guarantee smooth onboarding and implementation with a customer success plan. 


Which Customer Success tools belong in your startup tech stack

CS Leadership

The right tech tools will automate repetitive tasks, expose insights from large quantities of data, and help disparate teams collaborate more effectively. But with hundreds of software solutions available, how do you choose? Here's a list of 11 tools


The Importance of Health Scoring by Customer Lifecycle

CS Leadership

Too many companies try and build a one-size-fits-all scoring model for their customers; this is a method doomed to failure. In order to actually facilitate proactive and reliable health scoring, you need a model where customers are scored uniquely based on contextual factors.


How Soapbox uses Vitally to fuel their Product-Led Growth

Customer Stories

With over 700 new companies signing up per week, employee engagement app Soapbox needed a way to prioritize trials and free users that represented actual revenue upsell opportunities. All with a Customer Success team of two.


What's the right time to bring on a dedicated Customer Success Platform?

CS Leadership

With so little standardization around customer success tooling and process compared to other teams, how do you know when the right time to start using a dedicated customer success platform is? If you want best-in-class growth, the answer is as soon as possible.


How one Customer Success leader created a framework for a seamless Sales-CS handoff

CS Leadership

As a Customer Success professional, you’ve probably felt the brunt of a poor Sales-CS handoff. Here's a framework you can use to get your Sales-CS teams on the same page so your customers (and your team) can focus on what matters most — success


A plan to fail: How a premortem can help you see (and stop) future churn risks

CS Leadership

Why add churn analysis to the glass-half-full conversations that overflow every time a new customer is signed? Because it's one of the best ways to stop churn from happening. Here's why and four steps you can take to make your own premortem playbook


5 tips for a successful Sales to Customer Success handoff

Customer Management

The perfect Sales-CS handoff is seamless, consistent and leaves your customer 100% sure they made the right call choosing your product. Here are 5 tips that will ensure each new customer is sped smoothly along the path from purchase to value.


Why Sales should own account expansions and renewals

Customer Management

Some say CSMs should leverage their close relationships to close expansion deals. Some say you should let the sellers do the selling. We weighed the most common arguments for who should own expansions and renewals and came to a clear conclusion. Spoiler alert: It's Sales


Why it’s a mistake to separate Customer Support from Customer Success

CS Leadership

Is the hyper-growth phase of your business the right time to decouple Success and Support? Probably not. You'll miss out on a golden opportunity to train your CSMs at a critical point in your company’s growth. Not to mention putting the customer experience at risk for those shiny, new customers.


A static list of Customer Success Manager skills is wrong for you. Here’s how to make your own

CS Leadership

Hiring a Customer Success Manager is not a one-size-fits-all operation. Here are four questions to ask yourself before you go looking for that perfect candidate and an interview scorecard formula you can use for when you do.


How to reduce churn with segmented churn analysis

Customer Management

As your user base grows, trends from some of your customers become masked in the overall churn analysis. Learn how to segment your customers so you can analyze and target specific groups to maximize your churn prevention.


How to send automated customer success emails that don’t suck

Customer Management

You're a Customer Success Manager, which means you probably send a lot of emails to engage your customers. But are they getting opened? Read? Acted on? Here are three things people hate about email and three ways you can improve the chances that your inbox communications will delight, not annoy


Four tips from the experts to lead your Customer Success team remotely

CS Leadership

Leading a dispersed Customer Success team isn’t always easy. We talked to top CSMs and CS leaders at companies like Close, Customer.io, and Prezly and got their tips for managing remote Customer Success teams. These are their strategies for making remote work ideal work.


How to create a customer health score with four metrics

Customer Management

Health scores are often the backbone of an effective Customer Success team, helping identify healthy and at-risk accounts. In this post, we'll go over some sample metrics any B2B SaaS team can use to build a powerful health score.


These five customer churn prediction mistakes are costing you

Customer Management

Customer churn prediction is hard—we get it. Especially when you consider most customers don't tell you when they're unhappy. Here are 5 mistakes you might be making when predicting customer churn and what to do about them